Welcome to Welly Remote! This is where you can find all the amazing places to work remotely from in Wellington! Working outside of a traditional office can be hard - but we make it WAY easier for you to work remotely from awesome cafes around Wellington!

We have an awesome map and list of cafes around Wellington with WIFI that are great to work from! In addition with each location we provide a bunch of handy extra details including:
1) WIFI passwords
2) Power Plugs
3) Seating/tables for laptop workers
4) How friendly they are to remote workers
5) Extra notes about atmosphere and tips

Below you can see some awesome free examples - if you want access to the map of all 30 spots in Wellington then there is a one off access  fee of only $10. This will allow us to keep building this concept with more features and locations! 
- Make sure you CLICK on the symbols below for more info about each spot!

For full access, only $10!