Join us at the Stromboli Volcano Retreat!

- 8 days co-working & co-living in May 2017 -

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with 20 like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives, upgrade your business skills and explore the incredible active volcanic island! 


PLEASE NOTE THE EXACT DATES AND FEE ARE STILL BEING FINALISED AND WILL BE UPDATED EARLY 2017 - in the meantime join out FB group to stay in the loop: facebook.com/groups/volcanoretreat/


  1. CONNECT with 20 like-minded creative entrepreneurs through fun social activities and team building workshops!
  2. EXPERIENCE the new concepts of co-working and co-living in action.
  3. LEARN & LEVEL UP via running and participating in business-related workshops.
  4. TRANSFORM your mindset in the Mastermind Session.
  5. GIVE BACK to the local island businesses via giving them feedback and ideas (they will attend workshops + give talks).
  6. ENJOY the beauty of the village and island (sunrises, sunsets, epic views, beaches, night swims in the Mediterranean Sea with glowing phosphorescence, yummy gelato, stunning walks!).
  7. CLIMB the epic erupting volcano with an experienced guide (yup, it is covered in the fee!).
  8. BE INSPIRED through talks by other participants and local businesses.
  9. BUILD & GROW personally and professionally.
  10. EAT authentic local Italian food by our amazing Italian chef...



  1. Seven nights of shared accommodation (2-4 people per room).
  2. 8 days of co-working and co-living on a beautiful remote island location.
  3. Yummy local food! All meals provided by our amazing local chef (advise us of food allergies, as we generally can cover them).
  4. Talks and workshops by organisers, other participants and local island businesses.
  5. Full day facilitated Mastermind Session.
  6. Guided climb up the erupting volcano that will change your life!


EARLY BIRD (first 8 or ends 10th Feb): TBC
STANDARD (Limited spots available): TBC


  1. Extra snacks and alcohol (there are amazing bars and cafes where you can enjoy extra treats and snacks!)
  2. Travel to/from the island of Stromboli
    - The only way to the island is via day or overnight Ferry from Naples (mainland Italy) or Milazzo/Messina (Sicily) costing 20-60 euro each way (we can support you with advice and options but also suggest you check: Rome to Rio Website
    - Cheap flights can be found to Naples or Catania from most European centres (check adioso.com)
  3. Cellphone SIM card. You can purchase an Italian cell phone card on the mainland or the island for 20-30 euro (for a month) depending on your requirements.



WHY STROMBOLI for this retreat?

One of the core team, Logan Elliott has visited and lived on Stromboli 4 times over the last 8 years whilst helping run the International Fire Dancing Festival - Festa del Fuoco.

Here is what he has to say:
"Each year I have connected with locals, tourists and travellers that have visited the island. The island is a source of deep inspiration to me and I want to share this place with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The volcano itself is incredibly active and erupts every 20 minutes... What a great setting to learn more about entrepreneurship!"

"One of my most memorable moments on Stromboli was standing on rooftop at midnight. The waves were crashing loudly on the beach below, there was an electric stormcloud in the distance with fork lightning and shooting stars were darting across the sky. Friends were sitting around me, sharing inspiring ideas. Meanwhile in the background, the volcano was erupting... I thought to myself - I have to bring others here to experience this transformational place."

We am passionate about entrepreneurship and we passionate about Stromboli. This retreat is therefore a dream waiting to happen! Come join us!



1) Is this strictly for 'entrepreneurs or people with their own businesses'? 
No, however, we would like at least 80% of the participants to have their own freelance brand, business or startup. We also want to welcome others interested in entrepreneurship and building their own businesses for the first time. In addition to learning, we want to provide a co-sharing environment where everyone contributes their skills and expertise.  

2) Will I have access to stable internet/WIFI?
Mostly yes, however, we cannot fully guarantee it 100% of the time. This is a very remote island and the WIFI can be unstable at times. It is unlikely we will have stable WIFI at our accommodation (but we are working on options for this), however, there are various nearby cafes (5min walk) that have WIFI that is relatively reliable (we have done Skype Audio fine there in the past, but not full video). We strongly recommend you have your own data capable device such as a data card or local SIM card and reduce your reliance on constant internet connection for the 8 days (also reduce your needs to record podcasts, upload content, have video skype calls). 

3) Is travel included?
Not to Stromboli. Once you are on the island, you can walk everywhere. However, you do need to cover your own transport costs to get to the island itself via ferry from Naples (mainland Italy) or Milazzo/Messina (Sicily). We can recommend travel options but suggest you check out adioso.com for flights from other parts of Europe, and the Rome to Rio Website for your ferry.

4) What is the shared accommodation like?
We are staying in several mediterranean style villas. Each room has 1-4 beds so you be sharing with others. Shared accommodation enables us to keep this retreat affordable for you to attend. We can discuss private options if this is something you would like (extra cost).

a day at the retreat!

Every day will be slightly different and very much depends on how you want to spend your time! The only compulsory group activity is the 'Mastermind Day' - apart from that, you can attend whatever workshops and activities you like (they are all optional). In addition to participant run workshops, there will be talks, social activities and team building games!

Here is a typical layout:
- Wake up and have an espresso coffee with freshly baked bread and local jams for breakfast.
- Spend the morning working on your business, brainstorming, networking or attending workshops.
- Enjoy a swim at the beach in the clear mediterranean water.
- Eat a yummy lunch prepared by our amazing local chef.
- Attend afternoon workshops, work on your business or go for a long walk to the volcano eruption lookout point.
- Have inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with other participants at a local cafe as the sun sets.
- Have an authentic Italian dinner over a glass of red wine while talking about how you are going to change the world to a new friend.
- Attend an inspiring talk about lifestyle and entrepreneurship by a participant or local island business owner.
- Sit around a fire or on a beach and maybe even go swimming in the glowing phosphorescent waters...