MY 2017 GOALS - #101Entreprenuers, Volcano Retreat, Yoga and Adventures...

As we hit April, it feels like a nice time to reflect on the start of 2017 and how those ambitious goals are looking that I set on my personal retreat at Mount Cook, New Zealand in January. I was recently inspired by my good friend Amar Ghose sharing his goals for the year very publically on his personal site - something I have never done publically myself. Actually I liked his post so much that I have used his format and even 'stolen' his cover photo - I am sure he will not mind and I will shout him a mojito when we run the Volcano Entrepreneurs Retreat on the island of Fire later next month... (hint hint maybe you should join us, might still be a few spots left?!).

Using Amar's words from his article - in addition to having some 'public accountability', it also is great for reflection purposes later, plus it also acts as a vehicle to inspire others to look more carefully at developing their own goal setting (and execution!) process to move their life forward. For me it is also a great way of sharing with others some of the awesome projects I am involved in this year and showing how they can get involved.

So here are my goals for 2017:

Lifetime Creative

  1. Support and inspire 100 people to start their first business (#101Entrepreneurs)
  2. Run an 'Entrepreneur's Retreat' on Stromboli in Italy - the volcanic island of fire!
  3. Finish creating the 'Mission & Mindset' and "Entrepreneurs Grow' courses/masterminds & run pilots.
  4. Start the Lifetime Creative Podcast.


  1. 15 min daily Yoga with the 'Down Dog' Yoga App.
  2. Work on my Italian via Duo Lingo, 30 points a day.
  3. Remote working stints in two european cities for one month each (Berlin and Sofia?)
  4. A 'to be determined mad adventure' that pushes my boundaries (i.e. on the same scale as burning man 2015 and Kyrgyzstan 2016). Don't tell Mum.
  5. One day offline each week - i.e. read real books, go hiking, attend festivals, go dancing!
  6. Spend more quality time with entrepreneurs at the same level, or several steps ahead of me.

On a wider personal theme - this year I want to focus on being 'relentlessly positive and action taking' - kind of a 'motto' for the year. Quite a few people have laughed when they heard me say this since I am a pretty action driven positive person - but I still believe I have plenty more batteries in the tank when I find the right flow and I am working to fully activate these this year!

We also have a bunch of plans and goals we are working on with the team at Highly Flammable Entertainment, which is how I spend at least 50% of my 'working' hours these days. However I am leaving them out of this post as they are a team effort and LTC and Personal goals are something that I am personally working towards.

So how is it all going 1/4 the year in?

It is great to reflect on goals throughout the year - how are they progressing? Are they still relevant? Are there some new goals? What can you do to boost the progress? I am definitely one that sets ambitious goals to help fuel my passion and purpose, plus give me clarity in my direction. However I also sit in the camp that says things change, we are all human, and you have to make sure you enjoy the ride, smell the roses, live the journey and occasionally sleep through your alarm and not beat yourself up about it.

Some of my goals are progressing really well, others going ok and some are not getting anywhere and I need to re-address their relevance or redirect my time and energies towards them...

What is going well?

1) #101 Entrepreneurs
I am proud and super stoked to have launched the Lifetime Creative Masterclasses for 2017 - an 8 week part time program run through video, skype and activities. This is the core of the goal around helping 100 people start their first business this year to join me on the adventure of a lifetime. Last year I put 10 people through the pilots of the course, so it is great to target 10X that in 2017! Thus far I have started 2 streams of the course and have another one starting 4th June. I am thoroughly enjoying running the current streams and seeing the transformations the participants are going through - they are learning lots about business, challenging limiting beliefs and progressing their ideas. I find having these streams running is giving me a tonne of motivation and is helping to challenge me too, which I LOVE.
- Here is the FB post I did where I pour my passion and purpose out over the launch if you want to understand some of the background to this course.
- Here is a video of me in the flow waving my arms excitedly and sharing my dream at the launch party we had in late Feb in Wellington.

So it is going well, however 100 people is ambitious, and my current model will STRUGGLE to achieve this with up to 10x people per course stream and 6 streams planned for this year. I still want there to be plenty of 1:1 elements and touch points in the courses - not just some automated video based course that I do not engage with. When I set this goal I had considered other 'versions' of the course, some more 'automated, low cost versions' however after reviewing this I struggled to see the value - especially around holding people accountable - which is a huge part of the course that past participants have valued. I will continue to explore variations on how to achieve helping 100 people this year - but I am not willing to do so if it compromises the quality of the course, the outcomes for the participants, or demotivates me in my passion for helping people start their own thing. I am also acutely aware that I also have Highly Flammable to support in flourishing this year, am running a retreat on an active volcano and I am still human! "Watch this space".



2) Entrepreneurs Volcano Retreat
I am super proud to say that this is happening this May on the island of Fire - Stromboli! The 'Volcano Retreat' brings 20 entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs to Stromboli on the 24th May - 1st June for 9 days of coworking, coliving, skill sharing, masterminding and ADVENTURE! Currently we have reached our breakeven point to ensure we can make it happen and we still have a few spots available (wink wink!?). I could not have done this without the support of close friends and experienced entrepreneurs Aga and Amar whom I have partnered with, the amazing support of the Festa del Fuoco crew on Stromboli and the dreams of the late Captain Gusti. This reminds me of the importance of forming partnerships and working with others to achieve shared goals and visions.

Here is me sharing some of the story about the retreat recently!

HOWEVER it has also been very time consuming - getting the plans together, the agreements in place and the promotions underway on top of running and launching the LTC Masterclasses and Highly Flammable Entertainment. But I am excited about building a foundation for the future where we hope to run more retreats on Stromboli, in New Zealand and around the world, based on the learnings from setting up, promoting and running the Volcano Retreat.



3) Quality time with entrepreneurs at the same level and above
Something I teach is that we are the average of the people we spend the most time with - and therefore it is important to surround you with the right people and a likeminded community. Over the last couple of years I have personally been finding I have been lacking in connections to people who have been in business a few years, or are a few steps ahead of me. I was pretty good at this during my early years in business with entrepreneurial friends and mentors - however many of these connections have drifted away for various reasons. I really want to have some more people around me who get my stage of the entrepreneurial journey and are going to push me to grow alot more. I also think some people around me idolise me or think I have 'made it' (which is nice!), but this does not necessarily motivate more growth or challenge me to do and be more. I will of course continue working with people who are starting out in business with my Lifetime Creative work, our amazing 'Flammily' at Highly Flammable, and of course keep hanging out with amazing friends and family - but this year I also want to actively spend more time with advanced entrepreneurs. 

So far this has been going really well! I have worked with a business and mindset coach (Osmaan Sharif) for the last 3 months, have been spending time coworking and coliving in our amazing Leeds Entrepreneur House in Wellington. I have formed some awesome deeper connections with a range of advanced entrepreneurs, including Natalie Sission and Catherine Newton whom I was on 60 minutes with 18 months ago talking about Digital Nomads. It has also been great spending more time with fellow entrepreneur Catherine Sissions as our businesses are both 7+ years old. This thinking was also what formed the foundation of the idea of the 'Volcano Retreat' on Stromboli - as it seems many entrepreneurs have similar challenges around this. Phew, wow this goal is certainly winning!

What is going just ok…

1) Yoga
I use this amazing app for this called 'Down Dog'. I had a great start to the year on this with a 23 day streak, then quite a few sporadic breaks thanks to Kiwiburn. Most recently getting my wisdom teeth out which threw me out of whack for two weeks. However I am now back into it! A big learning here has been to make it part of my morning routine and if I am thinking of doing it - then just DO IT - every time I have told myself 'I will do it later' - it does not happen. Also helps having a space to do it in, plus others to do it with on occasion!

What is not going well and why?

1) Duo Lingo Italian Learning
This is one of the goals that I have let slip massively. I do not have an excuse, except that it has not been important enough. HOWEVER with the Stromboli Volcano Retreat coming up late May I am now redirecting my attention to this goal - watch this space! Ciao!

2) One day a week offline
Honestly this would be one of my biggest goal failures thus far. Pretty much the only way I get offline for a full day or few is by going hiking or to a festival with NO RECEPTION. Burning Man 2015 was an amazing forced 'digital sabbatical' for this, as is Kiwiburn each year (including this year). So this is a goal I need to review, and perhaps rethink about 'why' this goal is there and why it is important... Maybe I just need to pull finger, loose my phone for a day, or pull the WIFI plug at Leeds (no shout my housemates!)...

I am leaving out mention of a few of the goals - as I am planning to pursue them later in the year, these include developing the pilots of the other courses/masterminds, launching the Lifetime Creative Podcast, a 'to be determined adventure' and spending two months living in two european cities. However now I am starting to think about them a bit more...

So there it is - my 1/4 review of my goals, on display for you to see and to give me some more accountability. If you want to learn more about this process then flick me an email ( and I can keep you in the loop as I re-develop and pilot the Mission and Mindset course from 2015 (it contains a whole section on reflection as well as goal setting).

You rock - thanks for reading - hope you gained some ideas and insight for your own journey
- Logan, April 2017