Light Travel Hacks - The Freedom Vac Bag!

We are a passionate community of travel hackers and we know travelling light is one of the best hacks that gives you tonnes of freedom!

We are stoked to be able to offer the Freedom Vac Pack for only $15 NZ including postage (within NZ)! We have very limited stock to start with, so best to get in quick if you want one. *Please note delivery time is currently 2-4 weeks.

*Currently only available for postage within New Zealand, please register your interest here if you would like one and you are based overseas and we will get back to you:

Please purchase one now below via our paypal link:

Here are some free resources that help you on your travel adventures, then check out our awesome product we have available below!

Now, through super light travel via only having carry on luggage, you have:

  • Save tonnes on check in luggage costs!
  • Less heavy things to carry around
  • Faster to pack/unpack
  • More flexibility/freedom not confined to sorting your heavy check in bag
  • Faster exit from airports/buses/boats!
  • Less stuff to worry about and less security issues

One of the key pieces of equipment that allows our passionate community to travel SO LIGHT is the Freedom Vac Pack! 

Some of the reasons we LOVE the Freedom Vac Pack are:
1) MORE SPACE that allows you to travel carry on with ease as your clothes are tightly compressed into a small space!
2) EASIER TO MANAGE your gear. You can compartmentalise your clothing into 1-3 vac bags so you have less trouble managing all your gear - even if you get checked at security!
3) WATERPROOFING for your clothes, protecting them from weather or leaking waterbottles!
4) LAUNDRY MANAGEMENT - keep your dirty laundry air sealed from your clean clothes and nice and compact!