Logan runs lectures and talks on a variety of business topics at events, conferences and university programs in New Zealand and abroad. He can teach these 1:1, to small groups or to large audiences. They can be taught as one off classes or as a whole series. Please get in touch to have him teach you or at your event.

List of lectures and workshops available (1-2hrs each)

  1. The HIGHLY FLAMMABLE story and lessons.
  2. New idea generation workshop, techniques and games.
  3. How to test the feasibility of an idea and take steps towards making it a business.
  4. The process of creating a two pager business case and real life case studies.
  5. How to raise $ and why you don't necessarily need to (Bootstrapping).
  6. The digital toolkit of an entrepreneur and the basics of how to use it.
  7. What it takes to be an entrepreneur. What is great and what is hard.
  8. Remote working mindset, tools and tips - the world of the 'digital nomad'.
  9. Pitching workshops and the dragons den.
  10. Mindset workshops - Challenging mindset by learning how manipulate the Mystery of Fire and learn to Stilt Walk in workshops run by Highly Flammable Entertainment!

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela
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