Nathan Rose - Digital Nomad & Finance Guru

The best part of his story is that during his travels he started his own incredible company called 'Assemble Advisory' that he can run from anywhere and provide his clients incredible value, utilising his wealth of expertise and skills in finance. I still remember the day he emailed me after only a couple of months in business saying "this month I will earn more than I did in my 9-5 job and I am travelling whilst doing it!'.


Mixing Youtube and Change Making

I first met Ela Gale through a family friend while on holiday in Wanaka, New Zealand where she is currently based. Ela has done extremely well via Youtube and I find her story super interesting and different from what I am used to hearing about. She has taken her passions and created a profitable business and lifestyle in a very short time. Ela has over 440,000 subscribers and over 34 million views from her videos on Youtube, making her one of the top Youtubers in New Zealand, at the age of 23! I am super excited to see where Ela goes over the next few years. Enjoy the interview we did with an amazing view of lake Wanaka!


Making sustainability exciting with Trent Yeo

I first met Trent Yeo at Start Up Weekend Invercargill in 2013. It was a memorable trip! After the Sunday judging Trent and Jose Ganga convinced/ kidnapped myself and a few others and drove us to Queenstown for an adventure! We had an EPIC few days being shown around Queenstown's best attractions and restaurants! Another time when I was down they took me up to the mountain on a surprise dinner where we had a 7 course dinner in a hutt in the snow talking about adventure and entrepreneurship and then went cruising in snow groomers at Midnight!


Inspiring Interview with Sam Matla

For me personally, it's knowing that I'll never "win."
If you've ever played video games, you'll know that feeling you get when you make significant progress. Maybe you finally overcome a hard level, or achieve an objective. It's an awesome feeling. But then you clock the game, and it's kind of like, ah.. that's it? 
With business, I think you get that awesome feeling of progression, but there's not really a point where you've won.


Photography Adventures with Brett Stanley

I first met Brett Stanley in Wellington in our early days of Highly Flammable. As well as another entrepreneur he was also an event supplier and therefore we hit it off discussing the events industry, as well as the crazy world of business and entrepreneurship. We have kept in touch over the years and currently both share the dream of having the Highly Flammable Mirrorman in one of his epic underwater shoots!


Adventures with Amar Ghose!

Most people get caught up in the little details which prevent them from ever taking action. They worry about things like their website or logo or a variety of things that simply don't warrant any thought in the beginning. The only thing that matters to get a business off the ground is to validate that people will pay for your product or solution.  


Inspiring interview with Will Lau from Bucky Box

I'm a geek and a digital nomad, down to my soul. I started out as a design engineer, designing medical equipment for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, plastics, fluid mechanics, building prototypes and stuff in the workshop and getting new products out into production. I left that life after 5 years in the industry to don a backpack to travel the world, and that's where I really thrived. Coming back, all inspired and shit, I learned the ropes of business by offering website and UX design services for a new wave of mobile software startups that could see the future before anyone else could.


Forever curious - Inspiring Interview with Simon Jarvis

Currently I'm a designer at Highly Flammable, and Co-lead at Lifehack in Experience + Venture Support steams, both of which are based in Wellington, NZ. I also do quite a bit of freelance work, currently as a sole trader/contractor but looking at other opportunities and potentially converting to a limited liability company. I've been spending a lot of my energy recently investigating the luxury goods market, especially within China - a place that is seeing unprecedented growth, and recent affluence.



Husband, adventurer, optimist and value adder - Inspiring Interview with Will Horton

Who am I? I'm a husband, deal maker, hustler, adventurer, explorer, optimist and value adder. I currently help local businesses in NZ to bring in more customers over at
The two main themes of my background have been entrepreneurship and never living in one place too long. This started when I was 18, and spent in a year in Vanuatu teaching English. I started my first business in Vanuatu, growing and selling Kava. It failed when our whole crop of around 2 hectares got wiped out by drought.


What is your 1%? - Inspiring Interview with Pat Shepherd

I’m Pat Shepherd, a photographer, designer and Chief Doer of Things at One Percent Collective. I’m originally from Scotland, but got the travel bug when I was 20 and ended up in New Zealand, which I’ve called home for the past 13 years.

My photography has allowed me to meet and document the music scene in New Zealand which was so inspiring and full of such generous people, that I ended up being inspired to use art in a volunteering trip for a project I set up called Good Karma Project. I worked with refugee children on the Thai/Burma border for a charity I now co-manage called SpinningTop.


Would you like some tea with that? Inspiring interview with Sean Coley.

Hi I'm Sean, and I'm a Product Analyst at Kiwibank (I'm not evil I promise! We're the Good Bank!). I recently incorporated my first business, a Tea-sample subscription service called 'The People's Tea Collective', which connects curious folk with excellent tea and tries to make the mysterious world of tea a little more accessible.

I started up at Kiwibank using my co-workers as an easily accessible captive audience. They've been very forgiving and open with feedback and with nearly 100 customers I've about to launch into the real world!